Catering FAQs

We’re a full-service outside catering business which means that we come to your site where we prepare and serve your food. We charge for the food we come serve on site, the chefs we provide to come and cook your food, some optional extras such as tableware hire – as well as a plethora of service options being different ways and styles you may choose to have us serve your food for you.

Just add-to-cart all the foods you desire for however many people you need to feed. Then go to our services section to specify your service preferences, and order table if needed. After that simply goto checkout to place your order and make your booking. During checkout you will reserve your day in our calendar, pick your choice of hardwood for us to cook your wood-fired foods, and pay a 10% deposit.

Yes indeed we can. Simply email us with your requirements letting us know how many sittings/servings you wish to have at your event (i.e. lunch service, dinner service etc), how many courses at each service (i.e. appetisers, mains, desserts), your preference of service styles for each service (i.e. buffet, table service, grazing table etc), how many people you need to feed at each service, a general idea of foods you’d like to have served, and whether you prefer fancy or disposable plates and cutlery. We’ll then come back to you with suggested menus that you can easily tweak and order on our website.

Our website gives you the option of paying the whole amount for your order, or only a 10% deposit. If you choose to pay the 10% deposit only, the balance becomes due 10 days before your event, and you can easily log into your account on our website to pay your settlement. You will receive an email from us with a link where you can pay the balance as well. If your event is less that 14 days in the future the full amount is payable upon order.

In the ordinary course of business we require at least 5 days’ notice to do the catering at your event. In exceptional circumstances we might be able to assist in shorter timeframes, but with more complicated menus and service options we require at least 14 days’ notice.

Our menu / ordering system works on a per-head basis, so you can order whichever dishes you want, for however many people you wish to serve. A typical menu would consist of 1 of our roasts i.e. hog roast, lamb roast etc -or, say, 3 of our mixed grill items- together with 2 starches and 3 salads. Optionally you may also consider adding 1 or 2 appetisers, and/or 1 or 2 desserts.

You can very easily make changes to your order by simply sending us an email to this effect. We will then reply to you with a new order confirmation. We only accept order changes only in written form via email, and unless you received a revised order confirmation from us then you must assume your changes were not made. The deadline for making changes to your order is 14 days before your event.

Yes indeed, you will find many wonderful vegetarian items on our menu. However we do not serve them selectively only to some people, so please bear this in mind when you are having us serve a buffet for you; in which case you may wish to have vegetarians queue up first. Also, please note that the majority of our vegetables are prepared with butter, however they can also be prepared with dairy-free vegan butter should you wish. See the service options on our website for details.

If you’re choosing to have us serve a buffet for you; we usually set up buffets at our grilling station, which is under our green gazebo. However, we can also set up the buffet elsewhere such as inside a hall or building, so long as you provide trestle tables at the alternative location for us to do that. Simply make a comment in the order notes that you want us to serve elsewhere, or feel free to even tell us to do so when we arrive – however please don’t ask us to move our serving station once it has been set up on site.

We serve up-to four courses per order, for example appetisers, mains, desserts, and coffee. However we can also do separate sittings/servings (i.e. breakfast/lunch/dinner/late-night-snacks) for you. The easiest way to achieve this is to simply place separate orders with us for each serving. Use coupon code FREESHIP to get the travel charge removed from any subsequent orders after your initial order.

Yes indeed we can – we call it a twin roast internally, however please note that when you do this people will eat more meat. For example, if you have 100 guests, and you order hog roast and lamb roast for 50 heads a piece, you will run out of meat. Therefore we recommend ordering 30% more meat when doing twin roasts – i.e. 65 portions of each of hog roast and lamb roast, to serve a twin roast for 100 people.

Yes of course, just place an order 🙂 Seriously though, we get approximately 1 request to do a tasting session for every 15 bookings we receive. Needless to say then that it makes no sense whatsoever for us to hold tasting sessions. Should this change in the future we would consider starting to do tasting sessions.

As rule of thumb you will require 2 chefs for most events, 3 chefs if your menu is very complicated or we’re catering for many people, or 1 chef if your menu is very basic and you’re not a lot of people. We’ll add additional chefs to your order from our end if required. Our chefs wear formal emerald green chef’s jackets and you can see what it looks like by browsing the gallery on our website.

Our grills burn wood pellets to cook your foods and the wood pellets are the only source of heat, however they do still need power to drive induction fans etc. We also require power for our food warmers, which are rated at 900 watts each, and we bring an average of 4 of them to an event. Therefore, we require at least 4x standard 13-amp plug points on the day, and maximum 15m from where we will setup our grilling station. We do also offer generator hire should you not have power.

The type of access you have at your party location will determine what grills we can bring to your event. If you have vehicle access (1.8M wide), we’ll be able to bring a trailer grill. If you don’t have access for our trailer, we’ll bring some of our smaller portable grills. You’ll get to specify this during checkout on our website. Also, very important: please note that we need a flat spot with level ground on which to set up our grilling and serving station.