Add-ons to Supplement Your Catering Requirements

Here you can find various add-ons you can order to supplement your catering menu, especially as foods to be served outside of the main culinary window at your event. Think early-morning or late-evening snacks, or maybe even to supplement lunch or dinner menus where you’re not having us do a roast or a mixed grill for you. 

Cold Skewers

Our cold skewers are intended for late night nibbles that can be left behind at your event as foods to consume after we’ve departed. We’ve paid particular care and attention to the development of these items and you’d be astonished how good they are for items that are served cold. No need to reheat…

Deli Rolls

Here you can find an assortment of deli rolls that are popular for lunches, late-night snacks, staff meals etc, individually wrapped and nicely presented in sandwich boxes. Use our deli rolls to supplement your catering menu, or have us leave them behind for the morning after your event. 


Our platters offer a variety of delicatessen essentials such as breads, meats, and cheeses as well as themed platters containing a greater mix of treats. We can include our platters on a fingerfood buffet such as a grazing table for you, or we can leave them behind for consumption later in the evening.


Our savoury pastries are a selection of savoury originals in mini form for easy consumption as finger food. They make a great addition to fingerfood buffets and your guests are also sure to enjoy them as late-night snacks. Have us leave them behind at your event for you, or maybe add them as reception canapes.

Snack Pots

In addition to being healthy our snack pots also make for rather good looking additions to any fingerfood buffet. Add some of them to a grazing table for breakfast buffets, light-lunch buffets etc – or maybe even have them sitting around on a desserts buffet display, all of which we can set up for you. 

Salad Cuplets

Usually supplied to as canape catering at cocktail receptions, our salad cuplets can also be used to great effect on dessert buffets or fingerfood buffets intended for consumption later in the evening at your event after we’ve departed. Creatively supplied in small cups with mini forks or spoons.