Service Preferences

On this page you will find a plethora of service and presentation options that you can use to tailor your catering from Springbok BBQ to your liking. Want your foods served to tables? No problem – order that service here.

Some of our service options are flat-rated for your whole event, while others are charged per head. Add to your cart as desired.

Please note that our fees for serving foods to tables are service fees that covers:

  • Management coordination / orchestration of the table service.
  • Tableware (such as serving bowls, platters and utensils) required for serving food at tables.

However our table-service fees does not include:

  • Tableware (such as plates, knives, forks etc) used to consume our foods. Please order separately.
  • Waiting staff required to perform said services. Please order the staff for your event separately.

The serving bowls and platters we use for serving our foods to tables is contemporary styled with a puristic design in pearl white, and the harmonic combination of soft round shapes and angular elements makes our tableware simple, timeless and modern.