The Pioneers of British Wood-Fired Catering

Since 2013, long before anyone else, we’ve been cooking and serving amazing hot foods at events here in England cooked on wood-fired grills.

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Browse our various food menus and Add-to Cart each dish for however many people you wish to serve – it all works on a per-person basis.

Step 2

Once you’ve added the foods to your cart, look out for the links to our Services, Tableware, and Staffing options that will appear in your cart.

Step 3

Once you’ve added everything you need, simply proceed to checkout to reserve your date in our calendar and pay your 10% deposit.

Purveyors of Top-Quality Jerky/Biltong

We also manufacture and distribute top-quality cured beef snacks including biltong chunks, biltong sticks, and dry wors (sausage jerky).

Lazy Aged Biltong™

Our Lazy Aged Biltong™ is semi-soft mature biltong chunks made for carving yourself at home, available in 3 different flavours.

Infusions Biltong Sticks™

Our Infusions Biltong Sticks™ are super-slim biltong/jerky sticks with infusions containing hints of fruit.

Deluxe Coarse DryWors™

Our Deluxe Coarse DryWors™ is gourmet textured sausage jerky made with your choice of hot-smoked, cured, and dried meats.

Why Choose Our Catering Services?

Because nowadays everyone knows : its just a whole lot better cooked with wood…

Pick the wood we use to do your BBQ catering or hog roast from a variety of different hardwoods including apple, maple, mesquite, oak, hickory, etc.

We offer a plethora of service options for you to have your foods served in the manner you you prefer, be that a buffet, table service, or even cocktail service.

Our presence lends a festive atmosphere to weddings, garden parties and company gatherings which helps to make these events extra special.

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