Our Grills

Discover the amazing grills we use to cook the rather special wood-fired foods we serve as part of our BBQ catering services.

Springbok BBQ Portable Catering Grills 1000

Our Portable Grills

Our portable grills are meant for the kind of events where there is no vehicle access to the party spot. We will pull up in front of your property, offload everything, and carry it to the back of your property– even if it means we have to go through your house. We’ll usually bring at least two portable grills to an event.

Our Trailer Grills

Our trailer grills are meant for larger parties where we have vehicle access to the party spot. With a cooking capacity of triple that of our portable grills, our trailer-mounted grills enable us to cook more complex menus, and in greater quantities too. Perfect for our bigger events.

How They Work

In this illustration hardwood pellets are fed into the firepot for combustion. Digital controls monitor the grill’s inside temperature and adjusts the pellet feed rate so as to give us very precise control over the temperature in the grill.

Next Steps

Read about the woods we use, or go to our catering menu.