Our Identity

Learn about our claim to fame and how a small business such as ours punches significantly above its weight.

Springbok BBQ Wood Fired Catering

Springbok is the name of a Southern African antelope-gazelle which is renowned for jumping 4 meters high and 16 meters far and running up to 100km/h. In the Southern African region, the Springbok’s name is synonymous with a distinctive pride and quality, and that is also why we chose it as the name for the wood-fired catering we do. By choosing Springbok BBQ as your catering provider you’re not only buying into a culture of appreciation for the ingredients we cook with, but also one of passion for the final products we ultimately serve you and your guests.

You might guess we have some South African blood in us – and you’d be right, but we certainly don’t position ourselves as a South African BBQ catering company. In fact, there is rather little South African about what we do. We’re fans of most things British and, just like England, we very much have a global perspective on the things we do. If anything, we’re a rather cosmopolitan wood-fired caterer. The grills we use are American; and there are Brazilian, English, French, Indian, and Portuguese inspirations in the foods we serve.

Back in August 2013, among a plethora of caterers that cooked with gas or coal, we became the first outside catering company in England to cook with wood. We were also the first bill ourselves as a ‘BBQ’ rather than a ‘catering’ company, reflecting our dedication to our craft. We’ve since inspired a cacophony of mimicry from our friends in the industry that we are rather proud of, having changed the face of British outdoor catering for good.

We might be in the catering business, however we aspire to much better than mere ‘catering class’ in the foods we cook and serve. In fact, the majority of the foods we prepare and serve for you and your guests will be of higher standard than you will find at a good restaurant. We continually invest significant effort into product development to ensure we serve products of remarkable quality, and we even manufacture our own line of spices that we use on our foods.

In addition to having brought significant innovation to the cooking methods used in the industry; we’ve also brought significant innovation with our advanced ecommerce systems – which allows you to pick and click foods and services on our website, effortlessly making and booking your own customised catering menus to be served at your event. Please browse our online menu, pick the foods for us to serve your event, specify your service options, tell us what type of wood to cook your food with, and then place your order – all right here on our website. 

Next Steps

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