Our Woods

Get to know some of the hardwoods we use in our catering, and the special attributes they bring to the grilling process.

Springbok BBQ Hardwood Tree 2

What is HardWood?

Think of hardwood as mature wood. Hardwood trees grow slowly and just like a good whiskey, matures with time.

Because hardwood trees grow slowly they are very dense, and therefore contains a lot more energy per volume.

Hardwoods burns a lot longer and, most importantly for us – has far superior flavour and cooking properties.

Hardwood Pellets

We use high quality virgin hardwoods from trees that are renowned for their quality in cooking applications.

Our woods are renewably sourced from orchards that have reached the end of their productive lives.

Our pellets are made by putting the trees through a hydraulic press, similar to the way a butcher makes mince.

Springbok BBQ Hardwood Pellets

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