Summer Work

BBQ Catering Jobs

Springbok BBQ needs staff to help us cook and serve our delicious foods at our customers’ events – that vast majority of which is on Saturdays in the summer, so you should be generally free on Saturdays in summer. You should also live in or very close to Reading in Berkshire as our events involve quite a bit of travel. 

What We Do

We’re a pop-up BBQ catering company. We set up a outdoor grilling and serving station at our customers’ locations from where we do quality BBQ catering for our clients and their guests. We take with us all the food, equipment, utensils and tableware that is required to cook and serve our food. Afterwards we clean up after ourselves and depart back to our warehouse where equipment is returned for use at our next events.

We were the first to do wood-fired cooking in catering settings here in England and have since inspired a cacophony of mimicry from our competitors. Our original wood pellet grills burn hardwood such as Apple, Hickory, Maple, Oak, and Rosemary which imparts a wonderful smokey flavour to the foods we serve.

At Springbok BBQ you can expect to work with only the best equipment and you will prepare and serve food of amazing quality and finesse. The days in our business can be long – often 10 to 12 hours including driving to and from events – but if you enjoy seeing the countryside, being outdoors, serving customers, and preparing and eating good BBQ food, then working for Springbok BBQ will be particularly rewarding for you.

The 2 Roles

There are 2 major roles at Springbok BBQ.

The first role we have is a Chef/Loader/Driver. Staff acting in this role are a manager responsible for helping us coordinate or orchestrate our events. This means loading a van with everything required to go and do an event, setting up a grilling and serving station at the customer’s site, ensuring that foods are cooked to high standards of quality and served on time, then cleaning up afterwards and returning all equipment to Springbok BBQ’s premises. In this role you will earn £12.00 per hour and your days will be approx 12 hours long. *Note that you need to be 21 to drive a rental van, and loading our vans involves a bit of heavy lifting.

The second role we have is that of Helper/Assistant. In this role you are not responsible for either the loading or the driving of a van, and wouldn’t be required to do very much thinking either. You will take instructions from the Chef managing your event and assist him or her with everything possible to keep our customers happy, to serve them good food, and to help make their event as memorable as possible. You will earn £8.00 per hour as a Helper/Assistant and your days will be approx 10 hours long.

Learn As You Go

You do not need to have any prior experience to get involved with what we do. All you need is a 3 digit IQ, some good old fashioned common sense, some basic management skills, and most of all: an interest in what we do. We will teach you everything you need to know about each of the roles in our business, and on your first handful of shifts you’ll be accompanied by some of our more experienced staff; thereby easing you into our business with a nice relaxed learning curve. Your on-boarding with start with a two-hour self-paced online training program that you can study at your own time, at the end of which you’ll be given access to our shifts roster and then you can start reserving shifts for yourself right away! 

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