Biltong by Springbok BBQ

We make our unique soft Lazy-Aged Biltong™ chunks, Infusions Biltong Sticks™, and Deluxe Coarse DryWors.


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Lazy Aged Biltong™

This is our soft, semi-dry biltong chunks made for carving yourself.

  • 1 Great Original Flavour
  • Slow dried & extra cured
  • Medium Soft and Tasty
  • Enjoy Carving Yourself
  • Only £2.95 Delivery
  • Money Back Guarantee

Infusions Biltong Sticks™

Our super slim biltong sticks with amazing fruity infusions you will love.

  • Comes In 5 Great Flavours
  • Amazing Taste Sensations
  • Infused with Real Fruit
  • Generously Sized Packs
  • Only £2.95 Delivery
  • Money Back Guarantee

Deluxe Coarse DryWors™

Our gourmet textured dry wors (sausage jerky) from various types of meat.

  • Various Types of Meat
  • Dry Wors & Cabanossi
  • Specially proceed
  • Natural Sheep Casings
  • Only £2.95 Delivery
  • Money Back Guarantee

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Lazy Aged Biltong™

Infusions Biltong Sticks™

Deluxe Coarse DryWors™

The Story of Our Lazy Aged Biltong

With a bit of a South African heritage, it was more or less inevitable that we were going to start making biltong one day. And when we did, we approached the process with as much care and attention to detail as we apply to the rest of what we do.

There is nothing we rush about the production of our biltong. Where commercial production is usually achieved in 5 days, our Lazy Aged Biltong is slow dried over 2 weeks, allowing the microbes significantly more time to cure our biltong.

Our uniquely slow approach to making our Lazy Aged Biltong™ refines the production technique to produce a rich, silkier product. Soft and moist and delivered in chunks for you to enjoy carving yourself.

As with all our produce, our Lazy Aged Biltong comes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. *If you like your biltong very dry, try our Infusions Biltong Sticks™ instead.

The Story of Our Infusions Biltong Sticks

With our own fresh new interpretations of age-old classic flavours, and some brand-new remarkable avant-garde flavours you will love, our Infusions Biltong Sticks™ push the boundaries of biltong production.

Incorporating skills from both the culinary and mixology industries, we’ve reinvented various processes and methods for making our biltong sticks, bringing you some truly amazing new tastes and flavours.

A signature element of our Infusions Biltong Sticks™ is an understated -yet firmly present- fruity element in each of our flavours, beautifully complimenting the salty tastes you expect, with a hint of sweetness.

Our biltong sticks are the thinnest, slimmest you will find in the industry, meticulously cut to 7mm thickness and dried to almost snappable. And with our money-back guarantee if you don’t like it just send it back – we will eat it all 🙂

Biltong Trivia…

If you don’t know biltong, think of it as the cousin of ‘jerky’ – the primary difference being that jerky is cooked whereas biltong is cured and air dried. Dry Wors is essentially ‘sausage jerky’ – however also cured and not cooked.

Biltong is a marinated, cured, and dried preparation of beef invented by South Africans, before the days of refrigeration, to preserve beef as a food source on long, arduous journeys across the plains and mountains of Africa.

Over the course of time the seasoning of Biltong has evolved it into a remarkably tasty snack, becoming the mainstay of South African snacks that is more pervasive in South African pubs than peanuts!

And of course, no self-respecting South African would watch a game of rugby at home in front of the TV without an ample supply of biltong and ice cold beer within arm’s reach – a perfectly balanced diet!