Sides & Salads

Sides & Salads to Accompany Your Main Course

Flesh out the main course of your catering menu with some of the sides and salads we offer as accompaniments here.

Our selection of breads to accompany the hog roast or mixed grill for the main course of your BBQ catering, all served with Kerrygold butter portions. 

Choose from our comprehensive selection of healthy cooked vegetables to compete your catering menu. We season most of our vegetables with vegan butter and select herbs for great taste and flavour.

A wonderful choice of salads and couscous to accompany your wood-fired BBQ catering. Our tomato, Caesar and Greek salads are all made fresh on site with beautiful dressings. Add up to 3 items from here to complete your BBQ catering and aim for a balance of starchy and leafy salads. 

A selection of seriously good wood-fired vegetables to accompany the rest of the items on your BBQ catering or hog roast menu – regrettably, none of which are officially vegetarian as they are cooked straight on the same grills as your meats. Full disclosure: we use loads of butter and fire in the preparation of these items!

Here you can find an assortment of deli rolls that are popular for lunches, late-night snacks, staff meals etc, individually wrapped and nicely presented in sandwich boxes. Use our deli rolls to supplement your evening catering menu, or have us leave them behind for the morning after your event.